Arrogant coaches -K.B

A tribute to the busy money making Healthcare specialists (and I’ve seen a lot)

To the italiano running a company,
Ask forgiveness from the Lord.
A client you advice comes back
for more…

All these arrogant coaches

you forgot to clean yourself
your house your heart
a thousand problems
that you escape from
in the name of psycho

You coach
I know your deepest
an old dad eaten by the worms
of remorse
and you cousin
you trust Freud
so you obliterate
the aunt that raised you
NLP and all that shit
ain’t one of you
who knows truth from illusion
a tomb visited at night
by dark « angels »

In the name of sickness
I have pure eyes of pain experience
you never had to worry for a dime
and now you teach lessons

in the name of Dad
that you left rotting
and Mom to whom you deny
your affection

go to hell
find Freud
He’ll tell you himself
about his lies

song of compassion
in a believer’s heart
you cannot match

you ask for money
in exchange for advice

I live poorly but never do I
monetize the suffering of
another human being

close your desks
before God’s wrath
you can choose to be blind
but a knife hurts
the one you put in their wounds
so the cow shouts
and adds more milk in your glass

Buon appetite
made of blood
and tears
people feel better
only because they
heart what they need
and see what they hear…

A sheperd with no herd
is never heard by the Almighty

Eyes wide shut
Earth in your mouth
and a shaking skull
till the fire of the end

who do you believe in
is it Freud, Jung, or Lacan?
Foucault, Pavlov or Bandera?

I told you coaches,
clean your mess
I have a pure heart
and I send you my greetings,
a postcard sprinkled with
in the heart of your homes
where you eat with delight,
the food stolen from the poor
after you hear their plight.


All rights reserved.2021.

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